Relevant, Insightful Background Information

Harrington Investigations coordinates and conducts comprehensive, thorough background investigations, utilizing proprietary databases to provide the most current, detailed, relevant information available about specific individuals, including their known associates and/or their respective business interests. The reports generated are often used to identify the most recently reported contact information (address, phone, email, etc.), but must be justified in their specific use.

Our Background Searches and Follow Up Investigations, when requested, usually consist of someone attempting to locate an individual for the purpose of debt recovery (skip tracing), or identifying the whereabouts of a missing or lost friend and/or loved one, or even researching a person's criminal history and/or if they are listed on any of the current Global Watch Lists.

The comprehensive reports specific to a business contain listings of UCC filings, vehicle, aircraft and property ownership, including deeds, assessments, foreclosures, and all eviction history, bankruptcy's liens and judgments. It lists all known (current and/or former) employees corporate officers and identifies the entity's principals, subsidiaries, corporate filings and all contact information associated with the business' location.

​Our Background Investigations typically start at $100.00, if just a report and can vary, based on the specific type of information sought and whether there is any follow up and/or leads to actively pursue. The purpose of acquiring this data, may involve communicating with one or more of the individuals associated with the case. Depending on the need, such as address confirmation, employment history verification, etc., more resources may be necessary to obtain the result we seek.

Covert Surveillance Operations

The Harrington Investigations team also coordinates and conducts covert surveillance operations. We do not proactively promote this via our marketing approach, because our work is typically done on a very select basis, for clients who value anonymity and unpublished results. 
And, while we will always strive to work within our client's specified budget, we employ state of the art equipment and there can be, at times, significant risk associated with this type of investigative work.

We work with attorney's offices, insurance companies, varying businesses and entities, other private investigator agencies and private individuals; conducting sub rosa investigations. We also provide wellness checks and assist in locating missing persons, when requested. Our rates for surveillance operations may vary, given the assignment, but our standard rate is $100.00 per hour and $800.00 per day and although there may be additional expenses accrued, we do not typically charge for mileage.


​For more information, contact us directly at (360) 499-2405 or via our E-MAIL LINK