​​Post-Conviction Investigation Requires a Determined, Experienced Investigator

Appellate and Post-Conviction cases frequently involve a much more insightful, rigorous, in-depth analysis of the original case's discovery, the trial and hearing transcripts, previous investigative work, evidentiary review, etc., and if done properly, will inevitably take much longer than the original civil defense or initial criminal defense investigation.

Post-Conviction cases are investigated as cold cases and take time. There is no way around it, especially if the Attorney is filing a Personal Restraint Petition (PRP) with the Court. The aim of the PRP is to locate the "newly discovered evidence" that can help exonerate someone, if possible. This cannot be done, without a meticulous analysis of all facets of the case, prospectively locating and interviewing victims, witnesses, jury members, and in many instances...even the prior defense attorney, defense investigator and/or the prosecutor.

A vital part of our process typically requires a thorough examination of your prior attorneys' and investigators' files. This is essential, because we are working tirelessly to locate the necessary evidence to challenge the initial Court's ruling, which includes the verdict rendered and/or sentence imposed. Investigating a case like this is not a simple undertaking. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a determined, experienced investigator with the expertise necessary to acquire what is needed. Thankfully, Dr. Harrington has developed a distinct skillset that he employs to assist his Client's in coordinating and conducting methodical investigations, throughout the Post-Conviction process.​

Our Commitment.....

Once again, please remember that thorough investigations take time. With many factors, foreseen and unforeseen, impacting the outcome...there is simply no way around it. And, while you may be seeking a rapid resolution of your legal situation, it may not be practical, or even realistic. Trust that the most beneficial remedies often occur, when we have exhausted all other possibilities.

You must also understand that no one can guarantee the result of an investigation. The only promise an investigator can legitimately make is that they will pledge to do everything they are legally able, within reason, to help you favorably resolve your legal matter. Given this, a competent attorney will always be the one to determine the best course of action after thoroughly processing and analyzing the investigative findings. The rule is, your attorney will ultimately determine the optimal legal strategy.

Although Harrington Investigations may be involved in the process of preparing your case for trial, it is solely your attorney's duty to provide competent legal advice...never the investigators.

​This is why Harrington Investigations has become a premier, professional private investigative agency. Dr. Harrington will not allow himself to quit or fail, If there is something to be found that will help you, he is unceasingly committed to finding it. If you are ever unsure about anything that is being done with your case and/or the investigation, you can always ask him. We work transparently with our Clients.

​​Trusted Attorneys, Experienced in Appellate and Post-Conviction Cases

Harrington Investigations works selectively with trusted, experienced attorneys whose practices focus on appeals and post-conviction representation. Attorneys who have well-defined skills and unique expertise in criminal law, in addition to family, employment, civil and environmental law. Attorneys who are employed to protect and preserve their Client's Constitutional Rights and serve as strong, determined advocates on their behalf.

​If you like what we offer, contact Harrington Investigations today at (360) 499-2405 to discuss your legal case and together, we can explore the best possible ways to help you. Dr. Harrington's initial consultations are FREE and services are ALWAYS confidential. And, while he cannot and will not provide legal advice, he works closely with highly-qualified attorneys who can.

Investigator fees begin at $5,000 per case.

What We Do

  • Case Review & Analysis
  • Background Research
  • Subject Locating
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Witness Interviewing
  • Report Writing
  • Subject Monitoring
  • Process Service
  • Trial Preparation
  • Testifying in Trial

Additionally, we coordinate and conduct Background Investigations and Covert Surveillance Operations,

along with Notary Public & Legal Process Service for our Clientele. CALL (360) 499-2405.