As the Principal of Harrington Investigations, Shane Harrington, PhD has become one of today's elite investigators within the intelligence gathering and investigative services industry. While Dr. Harrington continues to coordinate and conduct Post-Conviction and Criminal Defense Investigations throughout the Pacific Northwest, he has worked to narrow his focus.

Dr. Harrington has concentrated his post-doctoral studies, research efforts and practical experience toward optimizing strategies and improving techniques in the field of Forensic InterviewingIn doing so, Dr. Harrington utilizes a hybrid approach, involving principles of Investigative Psychology and Forensic Victimology.

​His academic credentials are achieved by few and it is one of the many things that set him apart from other private investigators in the field. Many investigators that are new to the industry attempt to offer as many services as they can, which in actuality is more of a disservice, than a service. Why?

Because people pay for expertise. For experience they can trust when hope is lost. It is for this reason, that retaining and working with a more focused, dedicated investigator is essential to the resolution of your case. Dr. Harrington applies his plethora of acquired skills and relevant expertise to every assignment. He is someone you can trust to get it right, when it counts the most.

Since you're already here, please take some time to thoroughly examine our website and then contact us for any additional detail you need. The purpose of Harrington Investigations is to help those...that are not able to help themselves. Meaning, if you or someone you know has been accused of or even convicted of a crime, Dr. Harrington is the investigator to call.

The team of Harrington Investigations is here to help and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Harrington Investigations also conducts thorough background investigations and provides covert surveillance operations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A professional, private investigator agency headquartered in Olympia, Washington

We also provide Notary Public & Legal Process Service for our Clientele.

For more information, contact us today at (360) 499-2405 of via our E-MAIL LINK

(360) 499-2405

Premier Private Investigator Agency conducting Post-Conviction & Criminal Defense Investigations throughout the Pacific Northwest


Photo taken by R. Shane Harrington